A new and better way to acquire, engage, and retain MORE golfers.

All foreUP clients get GolfPay Web Chat for FREE.

Golfpay Website Chat

Golfpay Website Chat is specifically engineered for the golf industry, and increases direct bookings, even when you’re busy or closed. Golfers can book, buy subscribe and check-in, all from one web app that we can install on your website in a matter of a few minutes, or you can use it as a link, which prompts golfers to save to their phone.

Free to foreUP Customers!


Mobile Check-in

We were first in the world to offer mobile check-in for public golf courses. It’s all about reducing friction everywhere, and making the customer experience the best.

Telephone IVR (Reservations)

Golfpay’s automated tee time reservation system is a fast and convenient way for golfers to book tee times when you’re busy or closed, and it doesn’t require an Internet connection.

Sales & Service Automation

Set up auto attendants for common sales and service inquiries using our Golfpay Chatbots. These inquiries can also be routed to staff members, or e-commerce options..

Text Marketing & Alerts

Fill up more tee times, and sell more memberships with Golfpay’s integrated messaging engine designed to maximize response rate.

Customer Experience

Golfpay takes golfers on a journey that is designed to increase the total number of transactions, and deliver more value in the process.

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