RevTechPlus offers the industry’s most talented
revenue managers working your tee sheet.

Their proprietary revenue management system analyzes over 15 different variables each time they update your rates with adjustments occurring every 15 minutes. That’s 96 updates per day, 672 per week.

You Set The Parameters! –Max & Min

Tell RevTechPlus your max and min pricing of any specific tee times, and they can set the parameters.

  • Ensure your online prices never sell above or below a specific price.
  • Ensure all of your rate types are priced in alignment with each other.
  • Pricing strategies available for all rate types (public, senior, 9 hole, etc.

Revenue Management

Revenue Management is the application of analytics that predicts consumer behavior at the micro-market level. This data is used to optimize product availability and prices to maximize revenue growth. The primary aim of Revenue Management is to sell the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price. The essence of this discipline is understanding the customer’s perception of product value and properly aligning product prices, placement, and availability.

Weather Analysis

RevTechPlus offers the most innovated daily weather reporting system in the golf business. RevTechPlus weather analysis is just another way RevTechPlus is striving to help operators improve revenues and manage their facility.

RevTechPlus clients receive a daily email with an attached weather report specifically setup for their facility and location. The report contains a plethora of useful weather information to help you manage your facility.

Apollo Self-Admin

Utilize the most advanced Golf Course Revenue Management software ever created. Software training, consulting, and support included: Apollo Software, Weather System, Daily Weather Reports, Daily Pricing Reports, and Consulting.

Full Revenue Management Service

The RevTechPlus experts will work directly with your team to put a pricing strategy in place, and will fully implement the strategy, monitor the results, and make suggestions for needed changes.

RevTechPlus also offers full service marketing services which includes marketing plans, email creation, social media management, graphic design, website updates and more!

How foreUP and RevTechPlus Integrate

RevTechPlus has a full API integration with the foreUP tee sheet.

  • RevTechPlus is able to constantly identify utilization pricing trends, and adjust pricing in real time.
  • Live pricing updates occur on the foreUP booking engine, which flow directly onto your foreUP tee sheet and point of sale for a seamless check-in process for your staff.


This is a true professional team to work with. We have been working with RevTechPlus for 4 months now and it was one of the best decisions we made. We are a solid team together and we have definitely improved our business. I highly recommend them to anyone. The team is first class.

Kathy Blumenstein –Willows Run, Redmond, WA

This company is fantastic to work with. They genuinely care about my business, and are always there to help when I have questions. I feel that this is a true business partnership. Not only that, they check in on me on a weekly basis to see if there is anything new I want to promote to my guests. I am definitely happy with all that they have done for my business.

Clint Goold –Druids Glen, Covington, WA

Hands down, one of the best companies running revenue management in the business. Fantastic staff, great product, and endless customer support. Have worked with the company now for 3+ years and looking for many, many more years to come.

Scott Wesemeyer –Grey Hawk Golf Club, LaGrange, OH

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